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Finding experts is a global problem.
Solving it, is a competitive advantage.

  • Ask A Free Text Question About Anything
  • We Find An Expert To Answer It
  • You Take It From There
  • Enterprise Q&A - Crowd Sourced Knowledge Sharing


  • Extends the network reach of the workforce connecting the right people with relevant tribal knowledge.
  • Federated search across the enterprise brings to light existing content relevant to the question being asked.
  • Provides deep population insights, knowledge gaps, hidden experts and influencers across the organization.
  • Simple integration with existing business applications to build a complex understanding of the capabilities of the workforce. (Cloud & OnPrem)
  • Integrates with existing collaboration & knowledge platforms, incentive programs, gamification and can tie into performance.
  • Supports 45 languages for localization and real time translation.
  • Employee information & sourced knowledge never leaves the data center.
  • Intelligence Engine continually learns and updates the skills and capabilities of the workforce.

SAP EMPLOYEESSee the power of Enterprise Q&A


How Enterprise Q&A Works

Employees connect to Enterprise Q&A and are able to ask an anonymous (opt-in) free text question about the company, product, processes, roles or opportunities that they are seeking an answer to.

From complex technical questions to general HR or competitive sales information. Our engine seeks out existing content both inside and outside the organization as well as our knowledge base of previously asked questions to surface a potential answer. If the answer cannot be found, the application seeks out 3-5 horizontal peers that have the knowledge or capabilities to answer the question or have access to answer the question.

The expert is offered the opportunity to answer the question, decline it or refer it to someone more suitable. Once the question has been answered the employee can engage in further conversation around the answer or choose to reject the answer seeking additional responses.

Engine Technical Overview

Enterprise Q&A connects to internal business applications including HCM, LSO, CRM & collaboration platforms as well as external business applications such as Zendesk, Jira, Remedy or Knowledge Bases combined with external social applications such as LinkedIn, Xing, StackOverflow, Quora among others. The engine builds a detailed and complete view of the explicit and implicit capabilties of the employee combined with the multiple social graph and heirachy information. This then allows us to understand areas of expertize you are likely to have and to seek.

Accessing The Application

Employees can access the application via a standard web console, authenticating with their company credentials or can choose to activate Enterprise Q&A in their existing business applications including SuccessFactors, SAP Jam, C4C, Fiori, MS Sharepoint/Project, Embedded into intranet pages and a mobile application (Android & iOS)


Enterprise Q&A is an agnostic application that can interface with all standard business internal and external applications. It is run on Hana Cloud Platform with JAVA front end and HANA DB storing the data, processing the logic and custom algorithms. All information remains within the company data center.

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